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wrote Eric Millbrandt thusly...
> Here are the results of my efforts to install freebsd on a tablet
> pc. My tablet is a Fujitsu Stylistic ST5030. It has a 12" XGA
> screen with a Wacom Penabled screen with an active digitizer. The
> tablet has no keyboard or cdrom drive so the initial installation
> can be tricky. FreeBSD installation is very well documented so I
> will just highlight the snafus.


Let me thank you for your notes, and making us/me aware that
GNU/Linux is not the only OS that could be installed on palm(+wrist)
size computers, besides or in addition to MS Windows.

(I myself am interested in palm(+wrist) size computers but darn
things are rather expensive, with prices similar that of a laptop.)

- Parv


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