I have a similar problem as the OP, but on a Thinkpad X60s running
FreeBSD 6.1.

Tobias Roth writes:

> One thing you can try is to use FN+F7 from console first, that
> should work.

I can not switch to the external monitor in console mode nor while
running X. If I press Fn+F7 nothing happens.

Furthermore, if I change the BIOS settings to display boot messages on
both the internal display and the external display, they /only/ show
on the external display. I can run X just fine, but can't switch to
the internal display either in console or under X.

If I set the BIOS to use the internal display I can run X just fine.

If I set the BIOS t use the external display I can run X just fine on
the external display.

Any ideas?

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