Daniel Eischen writes:
| On Wed, 25 Oct 2006, Doug Barton wrote:
| > After a long (and sometimes ugly) ordeal with a few other manufacturers, I
| > finally decided on a Dell Latitude D620, which is sitting here next to me. It
| > has the new Core 2 Duo, and lots of other exciting bells and whistles. The
| > only negative so far is the 3945 wireless, but I have an atheros pccard to
| > use in the meantime.
| >
| > I'm wondering what experiences people have with this, gotchas for FreeBSD,
| > etc. I am planning to dual boot windows and -current. I am particularly
| > interested in being able to suspend/resume in freebsd, so if anyone has got
| > that working, please share the secrets. Also, has anyone with a core 2 duo
| > tried running the 64 bit freebsd?
| I have a similar Dell, you can search the mobile archives for
| some of my postings. I have a very alpha 3945 driver by Damien
| before he left the project that gets me by, and the sound just
| started working with the HDA stuff committed to current recently.
| Graphics works without AGP in the kernel, but with AGP, the
| 945 video driver in recent Xorg doesn't work. You also have to
| use 915resolution to set the video mode.
| Also, I didn't think the Core 2 Duo was 64-bit capable. Is
| it?

The _2_ version is supposed to be 64-bit. I waiting to get such
a laptop from work with a 19.2x12 screen. I will be using
it in 64bit mode and compiling for both 32bit and 64bit stuff.
Since the other 64bit variants work Celeron etc. I would expect
the mobile version to just work.

Doug A.
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