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Hi all,
I went back to RELENG_6, updated, and rebuilt world and kernel, but this time
the GENERIC one. Similar (or possibly the same) lockup as with RELENG_6 and my
custom kernel.
I tried the suspend/ resume several times, each of them end up with a crash and
no info on log/messages or kernel dump.

On resume, the screen would turn a soft white colour. I could press
Caps lock and the LED would respond. In some instances, going to the console
where X is running would work, but it'd lock up within seconds. In most cases,
everything would lock up within 10 seconds, with no change in what I'd see on
screen. Caps lock LED would stop responding too.

I'm back to RELENG_6_1 now with my custom kernel...and rebuilding some
of my installed ports as some didnt like the regression.

I'd love to help, but i'm at loss wrt what to try next.

{Beto|Norberto|Numard} Meijome

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