On 9/15/06, Colin Faber wrote:
> I'm running a broadcom mini-pci card on a WPA-PSK network with no problems.
> You need to make sure that you've loaded the correct kernel modules to
> support the encryption in question. Also, IIRC, some cards will not
> support some types of encryption at all. Yours may be one of them.
> -cf

A light in the tunel!
Well i'm pretty sure the card supports WPA-PSK & WEP because that's
how i connect to the networks at work, but only using windows.

So the problem must be with the 'correct kernel modules'
Which modules do i need to load.
And how do i connect using WPA-PSK, i've been trying with
wpa_supplicant , but i'm not sure that it supports cards with ndis-ed
drivers, because it wont associate to an AP even without encryption.
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