Hi, i have a PCMCIA wireless card with broadcom chip.
I used ndisgen to convert the windows drivers, and the card is
recognized, and can be used.
But i can only connect to wireless networks which are not using encryption.

It fails to associate to a network using WEP or WPA, i tried both with
wpa_supplicant and ifconfig, but with no luck.

I'm a newbie freebsd user, i have a little *nix expirience, and this
is my first install of FreeBSD. I've manged to install mostly all
programs that i want to have on this computer (linux-firefox with
flash YEAH!), reading manuals and searching information over
internet.But that's the one thing that i cannot 'battle'..
I really want to switch from using windows, but when i can't connect
to the network at work using FreeBSD it is not possible

I wrote here for the errors i got with wpa_supplicant, i wrote in the
bsdforums website, but not a single answer..

So after a months waiting for some message here to give me the answer,
i'm asking you.

IS it even POSSIBLE, to do that, with this cards? Has _ANYONE_ able to
do it, and how !?

For information
I have FreeBSD 6.0 Release
And ThinkPad R40
The Card is ASUS 100g DELUX, and in fact if you search google for this
card name and freebsd, you will land on my post in the freebsd
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