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> Parv wrote:
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> >> Before Aug 13 version (Jun 3 2006) & with iwiNG driver,
> >> connection will drop every 2 hours[0] & signal scan would just
> >> keep looping|missing. So, after every 2 hours, I had to run[1]
> >> a script to reconnect.
> >>
> >> Now after the update, when the connection was dropped, after
> >> some seconds connection was remade without any effort on my
> >> part.

> >> [0] The Linksys WRT54G v4 unit regenerates the WPA group key
> >> every

> >
> > above happened (reconnecting after 2 hours) only once. After
> > the 4th hour, before reconnecting myself, i was getting this
> > message repeated many times ...
> >
> > iwi0: [00:14:bf:1f:8e:e5] TKIP ICV mismatch on decrypt

> I know of no issue with iwi and tkip. Can you verify this is not
> ap-related? (e.g. swap ap's, check for firmware updates, etc.).

I can the test another AP (which happens to be Linksys WRT54*, v5 i
think) at work, which also has WPA enabled.

I will check for the firmware updates for my own unit.

> Otherwise try to correlate the event with things like the
> re-keying intervals (GTK and PTK).

Yes indeed, i did write in OP that the Linksys unit regenerates the
group key every 3600 seconds. So, after making connection (with the
ap), "TKIP ICV mismatch on decrypt" message is being generated after
2 hours (until iwi0 interface goes down).

> An event log from wpa_supplicant and possible the net80211 layer
> might help understand what's going on.

What do i need to generate the output? Is setting MIBs
net.wlan.debug & net.wlan.0.debug to -1 enough?

> Feel free to send this info directly to me.

Will do.

Thanks much for the response.

- Parv


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