Thanks, in the meantime, it seems prudent to pick up ath card/Thinkpad
802.11a/b/g mini-pci (for those interested, part # 40Y7026).

The T60 does had 2 slots; one for either the 3945 or 11abg wireless card
and a second slot that will either be empty or have the Verizon Wireless
WAN card (which I understand has no FreeBSD support, but I don't care).

Did some more research today, and it seems like an ath card is the way
to go, 3945 support or no; these are also discussed on (,
and another compelling argument is some benchmarking between the two.
While not scientific or definitive, some anecdotal evidence that the
atheros works better in a weak signal environment than the Intel cards,
and also runs cooler than the Intel cards.

Just thought I would share that; something to think about.

The only additional bit that I have to offer is that it is no longer as
easy to install mini-pci cards (or RAM for that matter) then it was on
the earlier thinkpads. Before you could just flip the laptop over,
remove a screw, and access the slot. Now you have to remove 5 screws
from the belly, remove the battery, flip it over, carefully remove the
palm rest w/ the touchpad just to install extra RAM, then additionally
lift up the keyboard (which isn't that big a deal if you get the first
step of removing the palm rest). It's not terribly difficult, but it
isn't so easy to re-attach the palm rest when you're finished. I think I
might have botched the cheap plastic tabs that hold the bezel in place,
and now there some noticeable give at the seams. I have unlimited
accidental repair warranty, so I might send it back to set things
straight once things settle down.

But when I buy the other Thinkpads, I think I am going to pay a few $
extra to have the reseller install the extra ram and swap the wireless

Oh, that's another thing -- if you customize your own Thinkpad on
Lenovo's site, you can choose the atheros card as an alternate right
there. But if you buy from a reseller, you get what you get, whatever
model flavors they have. And they don't always have the tech staff to
know what exact card is in there. If you know exact T60 model number
you're looking at buying, I would check w/ IBM/Lenovo tech support to
find out. I already blew away WinXP, so I had remove the bezel and
keyboard just to verify that I did, in fact, have a 3945.

Sorry for the long-winded post, but hopefully this will same some folks
some time trying to figure this stuff out like I had to.

> 3945 support is on my todo list unless someone else picks it up. No
> ETA. If you want a card that works now then you might swap in an ath
> card. Can't recall if a t60 has a cardbus slot--if it does you could
> just get something cardbus-based until there is 3945 support.

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