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I've got a new laptop and would like to share some
information about it. First thing to say is: FreeBSD-STABLE
runs well and stable with SMP.

And then again, there are some weird bugs/missing features
the laptop has uncovered.

1) ACPI-weirdness?

I can see some "acpi_bus_number: can't get _ADR" messages
during startup. Whatever it is, it does not affect the standard ACPI

There is also a "acpi_throttle1: failed to attach P_CNT".

2) cpufreq does not work

The module does not load. It gives me
"device_attach: est0/est1 attach returned 6" multiple

3) em(4) - small bug(s)

When there is no ethernet cable attached, em(4) will fail
to be detected. dmesg gives me:
em0: The EEPROM Checksum Is Not Valid
em0: Unable to initialize the hardware

em(4) works if ethernet cable is plugged in first. Then
you can unplug and plug it in again, it will still work.

If you change the MAC address while it has been unplugged,
em(4) will fail to work, too.

4) Sound (ICH7)

The "82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio" chipset
does not work. As far as I understand the docs, it should
have an AC97 compatibility mode like 82801GB. This is really
a pity that sound does not work. I tried to patch ich.c, but
I'm too dumb, I think. The "bus_alloc_ressource_any" functions
near ich.c:792 both return 0.

Here is what I get from pciconf:
class=0x040300 card=0x201017aa chip=0x27d88086 rev=0x02 hdr=0x00

5) No ATI - vesa works

The kernel does not recognize ATI vga card. drm seems not to
be supported. VESA mode Xorg works fine.

class=0x030000 card=0x200717aa chip=0x71c41002 rev=0x00 hdr=0x00

6) umass USB problems (panic on plug-in)

I got a panic with umass. Pluging in a USB card reader
gives me a slow kernel output. If I detach it while
in the quite long detection phase it gives me:

Fatal trap 12 (g_event)
Stopped at xpt_schedule

Debugger prompt is frozen from here on, so no further
analysis can be done.

Also, if I plug in the device and boot, the detection
of disks, CDs and the reader itself takes minutes.
The kernel hangs while doing something.

I can provide more information on request.


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