> Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 17:32:31 -0400
> From: DW
> Sender: owner-freebsd-mobile@freebsd.org
> Hello all,
> Here we go again -- dealing the pain and pleasures of new laptops.
> Sticking with the tried-and-true Thinkpad series, knowing full well that
> new hardware will cause issues with FreeBSD. Two big sticking points so
> far evaluating one (T60 1951-43U). I am trying FreeBSD 6.2
> 1. Sound: cannot get FreeBSD to recognize sound. First tried what I
> always used successfully in the past on T41's and T30's (and maybe T23's
> and T21's, I don't remember):
> # kldload snd_ich ....... nothing
> so I tried
> # kldload snd_driver to load them all, and still get nothing (other than
> a bunch of probes of parallel ports and serial irqs that yield nothing)

A co-worker has one of these.

It has a new High Def sound card and there is no support in FreeBSD at
this time. Check the archives for a patch that might get you going. I
would guess the patch was posted early this month.

> 2. Wireless: thought I would need the if_ipw dirver, so I installed that
> port, and loaded it (like I did with success last year on the T41), but
> here's the bizarre thing: when I "kldload if_ipw", it registers my
> gigabit ethernet card, em0 !!!! WTF?
> Oddly enough, the real em0 doesn't even come up if there is no network
> cable plugged in. Shouldn't I at least see em0 but "no carrier".
> I've tried ath in case that's the chipset, but no luck there either.

I believe that the standard is the Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG. There is
currently no driver. ndis might work. The optional 11a/b/g wireless card
IS an atheros, but you have to ask for it. (No price difference.)

> Also, for whatever it's worth to those reading these lists, I tried
> FreeBSD 5.4 first (even though I plan on going w/ 6.2 if I can get it
> working), and during the install, it couldn't even see the hard disk!!!!!!

I can think of few reasons to even try 5.4. With the exception of a few
very hardware specific issues, 6.1 is vastly better. (6.2 would be tough
as it won't exist for a few months.)

> One other thing: Xorg works great w/ the Intel Graphics Accelerator card
> 950. Didn't have to screw with anything, looks great. The only weird
> thing is that everytime I start a new X session, there is a ghost
> flicker image of the last session. No big deal, but kind of weird.
> Don't even ask me about ACPI yet. But I'm sure I'll be banging my head
> into that once I can get through these Sound and Wireless issues.

Except for suspend/resume issues, ACPI seems to be OK. I suspect that
the right sysctls can get that working, too. I did get it working for my

Good luck.
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