Hello all,

Here we go again -- dealing the pain and pleasures of new laptops.
Sticking with the tried-and-true Thinkpad series, knowing full well that
new hardware will cause issues with FreeBSD. Two big sticking points so
far evaluating one (T60 1951-43U). I am trying FreeBSD 6.2

1. Sound: cannot get FreeBSD to recognize sound. First tried what I
always used successfully in the past on T41's and T30's (and maybe T23's
and T21's, I don't remember):

# kldload snd_ich ....... nothing

so I tried

# kldload snd_driver to load them all, and still get nothing (other than
a bunch of probes of parallel ports and serial irqs that yield nothing)

2. Wireless: thought I would need the if_ipw dirver, so I installed that
port, and loaded it (like I did with success last year on the T41), but
here's the bizarre thing: when I "kldload if_ipw", it registers my
gigabit ethernet card, em0 !!!! WTF?

Oddly enough, the real em0 doesn't even come up if there is no network
cable plugged in. Shouldn't I at least see em0 but "no carrier".

I've tried ath in case that's the chipset, but no luck there either.

Also, for whatever it's worth to those reading these lists, I tried
FreeBSD 5.4 first (even though I plan on going w/ 6.2 if I can get it
working), and during the install, it couldn't even see the hard disk!!!!!!

One other thing: Xorg works great w/ the Intel Graphics Accelerator card
950. Didn't have to screw with anything, looks great. The only weird
thing is that everytime I start a new X session, there is a ghost
flicker image of the last session. No big deal, but kind of weird.

Don't even ask me about ACPI yet. But I'm sure I'll be banging my head
into that once I can get through these Sound and Wireless issues.

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