> > > > Any ideas how I could fix suspend/resume on this Thinkpad?
> > >
> > > please make sure that you don't have dri in your x.org / xfree config

> >
> > I have dri but not using it also fails with graphics corruption and
> > hanging X11 server (not using CPU/syscalls, though).
> >
> > That failure with no DRI is recoverable, though, X11 restarts fine
> > after killing it.

> then try experimenting with switching from X to a console before
> suspending and switching back to X after resuming. if it works,
> automate with hw.syscons.sc_no_suspend_vtswitch

It works when switching before and after the suspension.

sysctl hw.syscons.sc_no_suspend_vtswitch was 0 for the non-working
case. Setting it to 1 does not do quite the right thing. After
waking uk to first shows an intact X11 screen but then switches to a
blankc screen with a cursor, then to just a blank screen. Afterwards
you can Control-Alt-F9 into the X11 server, but only if you
Control-Alt-F8ed into a text tty first.

Anyway, since I can run a second X11 server for the case that I need
DRI and don't have to shut down my main one that is actually pretty
close to a satisfactory solution.

Now to getting suspend-to-disk working. I guess i shouldn't just have
allocated all disk space to FreeBSD so easily :-)

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