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On Tue, 26.04.2005 at 06:56:56 -0500, Eric Anderson wrote:
> You can have multiple x.org (or XFree86) config files, and then load the=

> appropriate one when you start X. I believe you can also have one=20
> config file, and have two setups in it for screens, and then choose=20
> which one to use when you start X. People use that feature for dual=20
> screen capabilities.

Yes, but this sucks for xdm logins. Or when you already have a complete
X session running.

The only thing necessary would be a way to lock the mouse cursor to the
current display. That way, on can always boot the dual-head setup but
fix the mouse cursor to the LCD only. When the need for actual Dualhead
arises, one simply releases the cursor and can then move it off screen.

Or is such a thing already possible?

> Also - the acpi_video module does allow you to turn on/off the different=

> video ports it finds. Mine sees all three (VGA, LCD, Svideo).

Does the Svideo port actually work under FreeBSD? That's probably the
only thing I boot windows for: hooking up the laptop to a TV.

Ulrich Sp=F6rlein
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