Hello Dylan,

Dylan Wylie wrote:
> Thomas Wintergerst wrote:
>> Hello Dott,
>> Dott. Surricani wrote:
>>> How I can make it works?

>> For me (Asus L3500D laptop) adding
>> hw.psm.synaptics_support="1"

Btw: I forgot to tell that this line must be added to "/boot/loader.conf".

>> did it with 5.3-RELEASE. But my touchad also works with the default
>> settings, i.e. as a ps/2 mouse. The above line only added support for
>> the up and down buttons.

> Does it allow you to switch off "tap-to-click"? I think I'm to spastic
> for that function.

AFAIR it does not switch it completely off. But it disables the mode
"double-click-and-hold-to drag". As I got used to it and the two up/down
buttons only performed continuous quick scrolling, not step-by-step, the
"synaptics" mode was nearly useless for me and I switched it off again.



Thomas Wintergerst

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