I just upgraded the ram on my thinkpad R32 from 512 to 1 gig. The first
time I booted with 1 gig, things seemed ok. I started KDE, and then used
the "zzz" command to put it to sleep while I myself called it a night and
went to sleep.

Then in the morning, I found it would not wake up. I eventually was able
to get it to power off using the power button (which got acpi to power it
down). Then when I brought it back up, there were file system errors,
which I resolved with fsck. The following attempt to start kde ended up
with the system rebooting itself when the intro sound would ordinarily

When it rebooted, I thought that perhaps the kernel could stand to be
rebooted, so I rebuilt the kernel I was running from up until then. This
did not solve the problem. I have not been able to start up kde since.

This machine dual-boots winxp and freebsd 5.3. Oddly enough, XP still
boots just fine, so I don't suspect the memory.

Is there something that I should have done to prepare freebsd for a ram
upgrade? Should I plan on reinstalling the OS now?

I'm not sure what is causing these problems starting kde. The closest to
success I've gotten thus far was when kde came up and kicked out an "arTs"
error (though it then proceeded to crash afterwards).

thank you

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