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On Sun, Mar 13, 2005 at 11:50:04AM -0800, george+freebsd@m5p.com wrote:
> 1. Any ideas on how I can plug in a USB numeric keypad and not have it
> completely supersede the AT keyboard? I'd like to get characters from
> both sources.

At this point you can't. (Well, you could probably write a program to
suck input from both of them and feed it to a vkbd instance, but that
would be a pain). Adding a keyboard mux is on the todo list for the
project (and on my personal one as well), but so far no one has found
the time to do so.

> 2. Has anyone tried ndiswrapper with a USB wireless ethernet adapter,
> such as the AirLink AWLL3025 (based on the ZD1211 chipset)?

wpaul is working on adding USB support, but it's not done yet.

-- Brooks

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