Hello list,

I've recently acquired an old Gateway 2000 SOLO 2100 laptop. FreeBSD
4.11 works fine with pccard and my Lucent Technologies Orinoco Wireless
card (wi driver). However, I recently decided to upgrade to FreeBSD 5.3
and discovered that the "NEWCARD" stuff doesn't even detect my pccard

I managed to build a new kernel with OLDCARD (I removed all of the
PCMCIA stuff from the GENERIC config (OLDCARD includes the config when
you use it), stripped all of the network drivers out other than wlan and
wi, and added the following to rc.conf):


This is identical to my old configuration on FreeBSD 4.11. When I booted
the new kernel, the pccard devices were detected and the card insertion
was also detected (in both slots). However, it doesn't attach to the wi
driver. It acts as if it doesn't recognize the card or something. I even
tried using the pccard.conf from my 4.10 laptop that detects the card
without problems and it still failed to recognize the card (or, if it
does recognize it, it does not indicate it is so because it does not
fire up the wi driver).

I've even tried to load the if_wi module manually, but this of course
won't work because its already in the kernel.

Anyone have any idea what this problem might be?


-Travis Poppe
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