Marius M. Rex writes:
| On Thu, 2005-03-10 at 15:07 -0800, Alexei Yakimovich wrote:
| > Does anybody have working Cisco 350 Mini PCI card on FreeBSD 5.3 and up?
| > If does:
| > 1. What firmware version?
| > 2. What driver: an or ndis? If ndis, what version and where can I grab it?
| >
| > My environment:
| > - FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE and 5.3-p5.
| > - ThinkPad T40 2373-75U.
| > - firmware 5.30 and 5.60
| > - an and ndis 3.9.16
| >
| > The most I have is 3 successful pings. After that I'm loosing connection ( I
| > see 'time out' messages).
| > It was on 5.3-p5 with 5.30 firmware and an0.
| > I have successfully built latest ndis driver but I got something like
| > (SIO180...) when I'm trying to bring if up.
| I have been using the 'an' device throughout the 5.x series with good
| results. I am at at 5.3-Stable on my Thinkpad T30 right now.
| I am guessing your issue would be the firmware. I had to downgrade my
| firmware to get things working well. I am current at 5.00.01. I have
| heard that slightly newer firmware versions also work, but having
| anything too new will cause you problems in my experience. 5.00.01 is
| still available on the Cisco site, I would suggest downgrading unless
| someone gives you a better idea.

I agree. I've have limited success in making things work better with
newer firmware. I almost thought I had it figured out then after
a long time my test machine locked up. So that victory was short lived.

I also have MIC started and the HW bits interfaced I do not have the
encryption part tied it. That looks to be more of a challenge then
I thought ... or that I haven't been inspired enough. I'm not sure
if Sam's new stuff does MIC or not. If it does I might be able
to tie into that.

To be fair I haven't spent enough time on it due to other bugs that
have popped up at work with FreeBSD.

Doug A.
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