On Sun, 28 Oct 2007, Nick Johnson wrote:

> After months of fighting with this, today I stumbled upon the answer. It
> was a java command line test case that led me to it.

It seems I spoke to soon. Today the problem started to manifest itself
once again. I have no idea why.

I'm going to try to run Tomcat without its native libraries at all for a
while and see if that makes any difference.

Whatever is happening seems to have something to do with a long-running
process. It wasn't happening yesterday when I had recently restarted
Tomcat. It is happening today with no configuration changes and with
Tomcat that's been running for several hours.

I'm not entirely convinced the issue is necessarily related to caching.
It could also be that InetAddress just starts throwing an
UnknownHostException immediately, without making any attempt at name
resolution (cached or otherwise) at all.

Having become fairly familiar with that code path, though, I can't imagine
why it would do that.


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