Greg Lewis wrote:
> G'day Mike,
> On Mon, Jun 18, 2007 at 05:32:36PM +1000, Michael Vince wrote:
>> Been testing the new ports Java (1.5.0_11-p5) on FreeBSD 6.2 and I have
>> to say its the fastest Java I have benchmarked on FreeBSD!

> Do you happen to know how much faster? Also, did you happen to compare
> it to say linux-sun-jdk15 under emulation?

My tests have never been very strict/scientific but I am using the exact
same Java code has I have when I tested the original first Diablo 1.5
release the main difference is its now on 6.2 FreeBSD.
I am measuring under libthr a performance increase as high as 19% as my
original best result tests I could do in the past which were also done
under libthr/diablo or libpthread for the ports 1.5 JDK (depending on
the JDK/lib combination used that would give best results)

I never tested the Linux JDK as I haven't found it very usable in the
past for Tomcat, and on the current server I tested its not installed as
I assume it used the Diablo Java for its building of the new port.


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