On Wed, Jun 20, 2007 at 11:39:22PM +0200, Andreas Rudisch wrote:
> Hello,
> when trying to create a torrent with Azureus ( and recent betas)
> of a single file, Azureus will crash (java core dumps) when clicking on
> the browse button of the second torrent creation screen. Then same
> button will work fine when I create a torrent of a directory instead.
> I am running FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE-p3 on an Intel Core2Duo.
> I had this problem with diablo-jdk- and swt-devel 3.3M6_1 (swt
> v3333) before. So today I compiled jdk-1.5.0_11-p5 from source and
> updated my ports, including swt-devel 3.3r4,1 (swt v3345). Sadly the
> problem still exists.
> The hs_err_pid*.log can be found here: http://pastebin.ca/579820
> %cat /etc/libmap.conf
> [/usr/local/jdk1.5.0/]
> libpthread.so libc_r.so
> libpthread.so.2 libc_r.so.6
> Azureus Forum:
> http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.p...orum_id=374248
> What could be the reason for it?

There was a recent post about the latest Azureus which had the same
problem as you've described. The latest Azureus can only be built with
x11-toolkits/swt-devel, which appears to have a bug in it that causes a
vm-crash. The previous version of Azureus could be built against
x11-toolkits/swt, which didn't exhibit the problem.

I've Cc'd the maintainer of the port(s) to see whether he has any suggestions
or possible updates to swt-devel.

Jonathan Chen
When all else fails, RTFM
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