Hi everyone,
first of all, thank you David Sledge for the port, and thanks to everyone who
replied to my lost post querying about eclipse 3.2.

When I try to compile eclipse 3.2 from /usr/ports/java/eclipse, it builds ok
all the way through to ejc.jar:
Total time: 15 seconds
[echo] TARGET: compiler2
[echo] compilerArg -encoding ISO-8859-1
[echo] build compiler org.eclipse.jdt.core.JDTCompilerAdapter
[echo] UPDATE ecj.jar

but then :
Total time: 14 seconds
[echo] Deleting jars to recompile...
[echo] Compiling...
[javac] ----------
[javac] 1. WARNING
in /usr/ports/java/eclipse/work/plugins/org.eclipse.swt/Eclipse
SWT/common/org/eclipse/swt/graphics/ImageLoader.java [javac] (at line 271)
[javac] imageLoaderListeners.addElement(listener); [javac]
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ [javac] Type safety: The method
addElement(Object) belongs to the raw type Vector. References to generic type
Vector should be parameterized [javac] ---------- [javac] ----------
[javac] 2. WARNING
in /usr/ports/java/eclipse/work/plugins/org.eclipse.swt/Eclipse
SWT/motif/org/eclipse/swt/widgets/FontDialog.java [javac] (at line 162)
[javac] characterSets.put (charSetName, charSet); [javac]
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ [javac] Type safety: The method
put(Object, Object) belongs to the raw type Hashtable. References to generic
type Hashtable should be parameterized [javac] ---------- [javac] 3.
WARNING in /usr/ports/java/eclipse/work/plugins/org.eclipse.swt/Eclipse
SWT/motif/org/eclipse/swt/widgets/FontDialog.java [javac] (at line 169)
[javac] charSet.put (faceName, faceSet);

and on that vein till the end... I have a complete log of it at


( 407K compressed, 11 MB uncompressed).

The same happens whether I use portupgrade or build by hand

Any and all help greatly appreciated

System details:

FreeBSD ayiin.xxxx 6.2-PRERELEASE FreeBSD 6.2-PRERELEASE #17:
Tue Oct 31 11:23:02 EST 2006
root@ayiin.xxxx:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/AYIIN i386

I've got an up to date ports tree as at right now ( Sat Nov 4 23:05:35 EST
2006 , EST == GMT +11). I use portsnap.

My java related ports are :
# pkg_info | grep jdk
diablo-jdk- Java Development Kit 1.5.0_07.01
linux-blackdown-jdk-1.4.2_3 Blackdown Java Development Kit 1.4 for Linux

# cat /usr/local/etc/javavms
/usr/local/diablo-jdk1.5.0/bin/java # DiabloCaffe1.5.0
/usr/local/linux-blackdown-jdk1.4.2/bin/java # Linux-Blackdown-JDK1.4.2

$ cat /usr/local/etc/javavm_opts.conf
[... comments ...]

All my other ports are up to date. I have firefox 2.0 native installed (as
prerequisite for eclipse + other ports), and linux-firefox-2, which I use for
actual browsing (it doesn't include the gecko component used by other ports).

{Beto|Norberto|Numard} Meijome

Software QA is like cleaning my cat's litter box: Sift out the big chunks. Stir
in the rest. Hope it doesn't stink.

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