Achilleus Mantzios wrote:
> O Chuck McCrobie έγραψε στις Jun 29, 2006 :
> Some people here i assume are very well aware of the
> legal issues involved in the "SUN","java","BSD" arena,
> but anyway its vacation time, so some members of the
> community might not have access to their email.
>> Okay, IΒ΄ve read the OEM re-distribution terms and the
>> end-user license agreement for the official FreeBSD
>> java binaries. I'm confused.

I just had a quick read of the LICENSE (where's the OEM one?), and I got
the impression its OK to bundle the JRE with software/hardware, so long
as you present the EULA to the user and they accept/reject it. If they
reject it, well, your only recourse then is to have the machine
self-implode, or similar.

To my mind, its the spirit/intent of the JRE to do exactly what you're
after, and any licenses etc that seem to go against this are probably
just the lawyers getting in the way and going overboard, so if you are
right, there may be some wiggle room to get things amended if they've
hobbled things so badly. If I'm wrong on the latter, I can't see why
they'd restrict further penetration of the JRE.

If I had to do this commercially though I'd find a greedy scumbag^W^W
lawyer and have it review it to be sure.


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