I finally got Linux emulation working on my amd64, and in rapid
succession, got the environment set up, and have the compilation of the
FreeBSD-native jdk15 building. I have a situation forming, though, and
I would like to ask if anyone who has built the jdk15 (even on i386) has
seen this:

First, it spent about the first hour building a large number of C++
sources. Then, it stopped that, kicked off 10 javac processes (perhaps
threads, I might be misreading the ps listing), and for at elast the
last 90 minutes, nothing has happened at all, no screen output, so I
can't tell if things are hung, or working correctly.

I *think* things are still going, because top is reading small
variations in the cpu percentage for the javac processes, but I sure
would appreciate it if anyone else who's experiences this might give me
a few words of encouragement.

Thanks for all the help from folks, in getting this far. I saw Damian
Gerow's mail about his jdk15 only hanging, not producing any useful
work, I would be interested in any resolution of that, also.
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