Current FreeBSD problem reports
Critical problems
Serious problems

S Submitted Tracker Resp. Description
o [2004/04/12] ports/65479 java ports reinstall ignores ${MAKE_ARGS}
o [2004/05/01] java/66151 java JBuilderX (sun jvm 1.4.1 builtin) crashes

2 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S Submitted Tracker Resp. Description
o [2002/10/18] java/44251 java Create stylebook port
o [2003/07/29] java/55032 java SVr4 emulation interferes with install
s [2003/09/16] java/56928 java jce-aba port should install to $JAVA_HOME
o [2004/02/14] java/62837 java linux-sun-jdk14 executables hang with COM
o [2004/04/08] java/65335 java [PATCH] java/jdk14: use for J
o [2004/04/12] ports/65465 java Eclipse has no fonts with recent pango, c
o [2004/05/06] ports/66342 java [PATCH] fix ECHO_MSG breakage in java por
f [2004/05/07] java/66349 java [PATCH] net/javadc: fix build on bento [r
f [2004/05/19] java/66875 java Eclipse Version 3.0 port not available

9 problems total.

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