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On Fri, Nov 30, 2007 at 01:28:58PM -0300, Alejandro Pulver wrote:
> Hello.
> When I was updating the games/deng port, I found it failed at runtime
> with the following error:
> % doomsday
> While opening dynamic library
> /usr/local/lib/libdropengl.so:
> /usr/local/lib/libdropengl.so: Undefined symbol "ArgExists"
> DD_InitDGL: Loading of libdropengl.so failed.
> (null).
> The function is defined in m_args.c which is included in both
> "doomsday" and "libdropengl.so". But nm(1) reports it as undefined for
> "libdropengl.so". Also, it is loaded with RTLD_NOW.
> % nm `which doomsday` | grep ArgExists
> 080d9ef0 T ArgExists

You are looking at the wrong symbol table. ELF objects have the dynamic
symbol table that is used during run-time linking, and symbol table used
by the static linker ld. The former table is shown by nm -D.

I suspect that you need to link the doomsday binary with the
--export-dynamic flag. See the info ld for details.
> % nm /usr/local/lib/libdropengl.so | grep ArgExists
> U ArgExists
> The files are linked with the "-flat namespace" and "-undefined
> suppress" flags in Mac OS X (don't know if it's relevant here).
> I think the simplest solution (if possible, of course) would be to make
> dlopen() resolve these symbols to the main executable. I tried to do
> this with RTLD_GLOBAL without success.
> The port is available here (note that the application uses cmake to
> build):
> ftp://ftp.alepulver.com.ar/deng.tar.bz2
> If you need any other information just ask me. I will appreciate any
> help.
> Thanks and Best Regards,
> Ale

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