>> I'm having some problems right now setting up a vpn to complete phase 2,

>> (the error is no proposal chosen).
>> Since ipsec-tools uses the facilities in the kernel, I want to make sure
>> that the
>> kernel provides everything racoon needs...

> That really sounds like a configuration issue (racoon.conf, or perhaps
> your SPD entries), racoon's debug on responder should give you more
> informations on the problem.

Yes, that's what I thought as well , but I'm at the rope's end. I've
already sent a mail
to ipsec-tools mailing list describing the problem, but I had to rule
out the possibility
that it was os-related first.

I hope some of them guys can help me. Unfortunatyle isakmpd doesn't work
in freebsd 7
and I couln't find any other IKE manager for the os...
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