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Jason Evans wrote:
> Pietro Cerutti wrote:
>>> uname -r

>> 8.0-CURRENT
>> Mplayer always crashes quitting .flv video (either by pressing 'q' or
>> because the video is over).
>> The error is:
>> Assertion failed: (diff =3D=3D regind * size), function
>> arena_run_reg_dalloc, file /usr/src/lib/libc/stdlib/malloc.c, line 171=

>> Removing the assert at line 1714 and recompiling libc solves the
>> problem, but I'm not that familiar with the current malloc
>> implementation to know whether (diff =3D=3D regind * size) is always
>> supposed to be true (thus a bug in mplayer) or the assertion is simply=

>> wrong.

> This is probably due to attempted deallocation of an invalid pointer.
> This could be either a double free or a totally bogus deallocation,
> perhaps of a pointer that is within a valid object.
> Removing the assertion in malloc.c simply allows undefined behavior
> beyond where the assertion failure would have caused a crash. The
> failure modes can be serious, such as memory corruption or a
> segmentation fault.

Thanks for analyzing this. In this case, I'll go on looking for the bug
in mplayer.

> Jason

Pietro Cerutti

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