Fred Bertram wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a cs student from Australia.
> Just want to enhance my skills and hopefully benefit this online
> software community in some way. I enjoy C programming in particular,
> havn't really mastered it or other languages. I'd like to practice by
> doing whatever though if anybody understands where i'm coming from.
> Is this a good place to do this?
> ***********************
> Frederick James Bertram
> Hilton 6163
> Western Australia

sure it is.

But it is up to you to decide what you would like to do,
and realise that not every change that is submitted is accepted. Sometimes
things that appear as "obvious problems" turn out to be there for reasons that
are not at all obvious, so before you try fixing things it's usually
a good policy to ask on the mailing list if it is something that SHOULD be done.

there is a list at

pick something simple,
subscribe to
discuss your ideas.

Julian Elischer
Daglish, Western Australia.

(no, not really.. I have a house there but I'm in the US at the moment)

talk to he's somewhere in Perth there.)

> Cheers

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