I needed to get the security/cfs port running on a FreeBSD 7 machine,
but it didn't compile at all. The issue was that rpcgen created
code like:

extern void * admproc_null_2(void *, CLIENT *);
extern void * admproc_null_2_svc(void *, struct svc_req *);
#define ADMPROC_ATTACH ((unsigned long)(1))

but what worked was:

extern void * admproc_null_2(void *, CLIENT *);
#define admproc_null_2_svc admproc_null_2
#define ADMPROC_ATTACH ((unsigned long)(1))

(instead of prototyping the _svc function, just make it the same
as the non _svc version)


#define NFSPROC_SETATTR ((unsigned long)(2))
extern attrstat * nfsproc_setattr_2(sattrargs *, CLIENT *);
extern attrstat * nfsproc_setattr_2_svc(sattrargs *, struct svc_req *);

but what worked was:

#define NFSPROC_SETATTR ((unsigned long)(2))
extern attrstat * nfsproc_setattr_2(sattrargs *, SR *);
#define nfsproc_setattr_2_svc nfsproc_setattr_2

(instead of a CLIENT *, have a SR *)

That is all code generated by rpcgen. I tried to run rpcgen with
the -b option, but that didn't really work.

I'm really without a clue here on how to resolve this, not knowing
what rpcgen really does do.

But I know that the binaries posted to
http://www.mavetju.org/~edwin/cfs-1.4.1-7.0.tar.gz do work on FreeBSD
7.0 and that I'm more than happy to see if I can get it up and
running with different options than patched the code generated by
rpcgen :-)


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