Quoting Fred Bertram (from Fri, 16 Nov 2007 =20
17:40:23 +0800):

> Just want to enhance my skills and hopefully benefit this online =20
> software community in some way. I enjoy C programming in particular, =20
> havn't really mastered it or other languages. I'd like to practice =20
> by doing whatever though if anybody understands where i'm coming from.

As people told you already: the PR database is a good start. Don't be =20
afraid if you don't understand something. Either proceed to the next =20
problem, or just try to start (often a problem looks big from far =20
away, but when you go closer and look around, it's not that big =20
anymore). In case you can not find answers (in our man pages or the =20
source) to questions you come up with while looking at a problem, feel =20
free to ask on the lists (pick one which seems appropriate for the =20
topic you need an answer for).

If at some point you feel more confident in what you can do, and you =20
want to do something else than solving problems in our PR database: we =20
also have the ideas list (http://www.freebsd.org/projects/ideas/). =20
It's not a TODO list, it's an ideas list. Projects without technical =20
contacts need an investigation if it is beneficial to have it in =20
FreeBSD or not. It does not contain everything, some specific =20
subprojects have for example a real TODO list.

If you provide patches, don't feel bad if someone moans about the =20
quality (it may or may not happen, we are in a public place and all =20
kinds of persons are around). Take it as an opportunity to improve =20
(either the patches, or the way of the presentation/explanation).


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