On 2007-11-14 19:08, Simon 'corecode' Schubert wrote:
> [cc cleaned, dropped -current]
>Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
>> I'm only tracking 'HEAD' most of the time, but there are some efforts
>> underway to convert the history of src/. One notable example is the
>> effort to convert to Subversion first, and then use the tags/branches
>> and changesets of Subversion to populate an Hg tree.

> That seems wrong. A conversion to subversion means losing precision
> and time.

Can you elaborate a bit. I am not sure I got why you lose precision.

>>> Also cvs20hg doesn't appear to grok Hg branches (probably because it
>>> predates them) and it would be Really Nice(tm) if it did.

> cvs20hg is deprecated since two years or so.

I know that. It's just that fromcvs doesn't quite work for me here,
yet, so I had to stick with a patched cvs20hg version.

> Please try fromcvs instead. There are some bugs left, of course.
> Last thing it seems I introduced some memory overflow problem, so that
> a conversion of src now runs out of memory (on a 32bit machine). Up
> to a couple of months ago this was running very smoothly, see [1].

Something is missing for [1], I guess

I tried fromcvs to the doc/ tree (non-branched, less repo-surgery
"magic" to handle), but it stops with a traceback very soon:

% $ pwd
% /home/keramida/hg/fromcvs/fromcvs
% $ ruby tohg.rb /home/ncvs doc ~/tmp/foo
% [...]
% /home/ncvs/doc/bn_BD.ISO10646-1/articles/new-users
% /home/ncvs/doc/bn_BD.ISO10646-1/articles/explaining-bsd
% /home/ncvs/doc/FAQ/Attic
% upgrading roberto to 1/ (1.1.1)
% Traceback (most recent call last):
% File "./tohg.py", line 102, in
% destrepo.dispatch()
% File "./tohg.py", line 98, in dispatch
% func(*l[1:])
% File "./tohg.py", line 78, in cmd_commit
% extra = {'branch': branch})
% TypeError: commit() got an unexpected keyword argument 'wlock'
% tohg.rb:200:in `readline': end of file reached while handling set [doc/handbook/Attic/troubleshooting.sgml,v:,doc/handbook/Attic/sup.sgml,v:,doc/handbook/Attic/slips.sgml,v:,doc/handbook/Attic/slipc.sgml,v:,doc/handbook/Attic/scsi.sgml,v:,doc/handbook/Attic/ppp.sgml,v:,doc/handbook/Attic/ports.sgml,v:,doc/handbook/Attic/porting.sgml,v:,doc/handbook/Attic/nfs.sgml,v:,doc/handbook/Attic/submitters.sgml,v:,doc/handbook/Attic/kerberos.sgml,v:,doc/handbook/Attic/handbook.sgml,v:,doc/handbook/Attic/glossary.sgml,v:,doc/handbook/Attic/diskless.sgml,v:,doc/handbook/Attic/dialup.sgml,v:,doc/handbook/Attic/eresources.sgml,v:,doc/handbook/Attic/current.sgml,v:,doc/handbook/Attic/ctm.sgml,v:,doc/handbook/Attic/basics.sgml,v:,doc/handbook/Attic/authors.sgml,v:,doc/handbook/Attic/bibliography.sgml,v:] (EOFError)
% from tohg.rb:200:in `_commit'
% from tohg.rb:122:in `create_branch'
% from ./fromcvs.rb:989:in `commit_sets'
% from tohg.rb:228
% $

I don't know how to read Ruby code, so I can't fix this myself, but any
ideas/help/patches you have I can test easily

> However I don't think that using named branches in hg is a nice or
> elegant thing anyways. But that's OT, of course.

We agree violently about named branches in Hg.

> I suppose you know about fromcvs. I also guess you know that I
> suggest using git instead of hg. Doesn't produce nasty large index
> files either

I wasn't aware that you strongly prefer Git. Any references I can read,
so find out more about why you do?

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