[cc cleaned, dropped -current]

Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
> I'm only tracking 'HEAD' most of the time, but there are some efforts
> underway to convert the history of src/. One notable example is the
> effort to convert to Subversion first, and then use the tags/branches
> and changesets of Subversion to populate an Hg tree.

That seems wrong. A conversion to subversion means losing precision and

>> Also cvs20hg doesn't appear to grok Hg branches (probably because it
>> predates them) and it would be Really Nice(tm) if it did.

cvs20hg is deprecated since two years or so. Please try fromcvs
instead. There are some bugs left, of course. Last thing it seems I
introduced some memory overflow problem, so that a conversion of src now
runs out of memory (on a 32bit machine). Up to a couple of months ago
this was running very smoothly, see [1].

However I don't think that using named branches in hg is a nice or
elegant thing anyways. But that's OT, of course.

> Both true. But we are off in a tangent. If you have interesting bits
> about Hg or other dSCMs, please contact me off-list or help us keep the
> wiki pages about Version Control up to date.

I suppose you know about fromcvs. I also guess you know that I suggest
using git instead of hg. Doesn't produce nasty large index files either


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