On 22:41:28 Nov 14, Daniel O'Connor wrote:
> Why?

No specific reason. linux worked hard to get multiseat working.

Can we have a free ride? I doubt very much.

> Keyboard data would not be MUX'd if you didn't use kbdmux. Unless you
> use moused mouse events wouldn't be MUX'd.
> I haven't tried it since I lack the hardware ATM but.. why not?


It doesn't take much. I have them with me. I got them working with
gentoo. All it takes is an additional PCI VGA card.

It was unstable but fairly usable. Does that sound contradictory?

I did not use xephyr or xnest. I straight away used the evdev drivers.

I don't have the bandwidth to do the same thing with FreeBSD.

Moreover I have moved on to other things.


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