On 2007-11-14 15:31, OutbackDingo wrote:
> All ive seen in FreeBSD hg branches is a current and a releng_6 Id
> like to see a complete tree converted if there is one out there. I do
> have some bandwidth to potentially host such a conversion for others.
> question is does one exist ?

Not until we *do* a conversion.

There are many interesting points to consider, when planning this sort
of conversion, though. For example, converting the *entire* history of
the src/ tree may create workspace metadata files up to 400-500 MB.

Do we *really* want to keep all of this in Hg, or is it sufficient to
import a 'flag day' snapshot in Hg and incrementally update that from
the commits to CVS?

If you are interested in this sort of thing, please email me privately,
or let's start a thread in *one* list about conversions and what we
aim for. An even better idea would be for people who are interested to
go through the web pages at:

and then email me or one of the developers who have edited these pages,
so we can keep updating the information there.

PS: Cross-posting to two lists (current and hackers), somehow doesn't
feel right. Can we at least drop -current please?

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