On 2007-11-14 17:48, Daniel O'Connor wrote:
>> I've been using a 'converted' tree for almost a year and a half now,
>> to keep a local mirror of the src repository at `/ws/freebsd/head' on
>> my laptop. The first clean import of the current tree I am using was
>> done during last summer:

> I have seen a few Hg repos although I haven't found one for RELENG_7
> [yet].

I'm only tracking 'HEAD' most of the time, but there are some efforts
underway to convert the history of src/. One notable example is the
effort to convert to Subversion first, and then use the tags/branches
and changesets of Subversion to populate an Hg tree.

> Also cvs20hg doesn't appear to grok Hg branches (probably because it
> predates them) and it would be Really Nice(tm) if it did.

Both true. But we are off in a tangent. If you have interesting bits
about Hg or other dSCMs, please contact me off-list or help us keep the
wiki pages about Version Control up to date.

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