On 17:41:58 Nov 13, Mario Augusto Mania wrote:
> Hi All
> I user linux to make a multiseat system, but, i wold like to user
> freebsd to do it . The problem is: how to read a evento from
> individual usb keyboard/mouse? In linux, i use evdev driver in xorg
> (or Xephyr modified), but, in FreeBSd? what i will use?

I don't think xephyr/xnest would be the best way to do multiseat in
linux. I much prefer alternative approaches.

Anyway I don't have an answer to your question.

There seem to be no equivalent of evdev on BSD. For good reason of

I believe the only way out is to first demux the mouse and keyboard for
each of the seats.

If you spend a few days and hack the FreeBSD kernel you should be able
to do it.

Reading the sysmouse and vidcontrol man pages and source should get you

I shall be interested in your findings.


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