On Tue, Nov 06, 2007 at 12:27:13PM -0800, Maslan wrote:
> > Package dependencies may change, depending on the user settings and
> > port maintainers configuration for the port (i.e. Makefiles). The same
> > sort of applies to packages as well.
> > Or were you referring to just packages instead of ports based
> > package metadata ?
> > Or maybe a better question is: what are you trying to accomplish?
> > -Garrett
> >

> The problem is that i always try FreeBSD snapshots, and each time i
> did a fresh install, i found my self in need to install xorg & gnome.
> so when i use pkg_add -rK xorg or pkg_add -rK gnome, it just keeps the
> package itself only without its dependencies, it would be better for
> me to keep the packages i use rather than downloading them every time.
> The ports has no problem with that, since it leaves all the port
> dependencies in /usr/ports/distfiles but i prefer packages than
> recompiling every time i install a fresh system something like gnome
> would eat my day compiling it.

You could always use pkg_fetch -fR (from portupgrade) to fetch them all
first, and then pkg_add them after. Of course, I think fixing pkg_add
to keep the dependencies also is a better solution.

-- WXS
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