Dag-Erling Sm=F8rgrav wrote:
> Hajimu UMEMOTO writes:
>> I cannot see _TC1, _TC2 nor _TSP in your `acpidump -dt' output.
>> Further, there is no _PSV definition in anywhere, in the first place.
>> It seems to me that your ACPI BIOS doesn't support passive cooling at
>> all.

> Going off on a tangent, I too have several motherboards (965P-based)
> which do not define any ACPI thermal zones, which leads me to wonder:
> what is the preferred way to access thermal data these days? IPMI? Do=

> we have IPMI support in base or ports?

At our lab we have a lot of i965-based Intel boxes as well as some=20
nForce-4 based ones. I use at home also a nForce4-based one and I=20
realized that none of them equipted qith an AMI BIOS does not show up=20
temperature zones in ACPI.
I had an ASUS A8N-SLI motherboard with AWARD BIOS where I definitely had =

those temperature zones, when I changed the motherboard to an A8M32-SLI, =

BIOS came from AMI and the temperature-zones informations via ACPI has=20
gone. It seemes to me to be an BISO-vendor issue, due to the super IO=20
chip is of the same brand and only a more modern version in the newer MoB=


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