On 2007-07-14 19:45, Tim Kientzle wrote:
>On 2007-07-14 13:20, Tim Kientzle wrote:
>>> This is easy to implement using a ... text format such as:
>>> bin/sh file /usr/obj/usr/src/bin/sh
>>> bin/sh uname root
>>> rescue/mkdir hardlink rescue/rescue
>>> bin/sh mode 0666
>>> bin/rcp mode 04666

>Giorgos Keramidas responds:
>> A packaging list for one of the distributions I've built at work
>> includes stuff like:
>> # Misc command-line tools in @prefix@/bin/...
>> d none @prefix@/bin 0755 root bin
>> f none @prefix@/bin/progname-2.0 0755 root bin
>> s none @prefix@/bin/progname=progname-2.0

> My concern is that "all of the bits for one file" may not always be
> available at a single place in the build. Some programs use the
> "afterinstall" hook to set flags on the installed binary, for example.

Ah, I see now :-)

Yes, that would not be easy to support with a single-line format, at
least not without some sort of post-processing of the file list. But if
we *are* going to need postprocessing, it may as well be a multiline
format, like the one you suggested.

- Giorgos

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