On Sat, 14.07.2007 at 23:28:05 -0700, Tim Kientzle wrote:
> #%ntree
> bin/echo uid=0 gid=0 group=wheel contents=my/bin/echo
> I think this should form a reasonable basis against which
> to implement tar output for installworld. I would actually
> suggest building the specification file at buildworld time, not
> at installworld time. You could then create a tarball with
> tar -czf system.tgz @specification.ntree
> or install directly from the specification file using
> tar -xvpf specification.ntree -C ${DESTDIR}

This would be the perfect basis on which to build a live/install release
CD. You boot it up on a cd9660 filesystem and put some unionfs hacks on
top, to make it fully work as a live cd.

After you've done the fdisk/bsdlabel/gmirror/zfs stuff manually or via
some yet to be written installer, you then kick of the install through

Simple and elegant. It would also do away with those base.aa, base.ab,
etc. madness.

I like it!

Ulrich Spoerlein
"The trouble with the dictionary is you have to know how the word is
spelled before you can look it up to see how it is spelled."
-- Will Cuppy
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