FWIW, if you just got your new computer with Windows Vista installed and were
hoping to dual boot FreeBSD on it, let me tell you that FreeBSD's bootloader
will screw things up.

Microsoft basically declared the war on alternative OSs so it seems vista
doesn't like:
- bootloaders different than the one used by Vista.
- Making a non Vista partition active.

I did what I used to do with XP: I resized the Windows partition with a liveCD
and QTparted, Installed FreeBSD with booteasy.. and surprise... Windows Vista
won't run again.

I then rescued the Vista installation with the install CD (good thing they
included that this time, and not only the preinstalled OS!), and looked on the
-net for something called EasyBCD, which looks like it will solve the problem
by reconfiguring the Vista bootloader.



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