Patrick Tracanelli wrote:
> Hello all,

First, you cross-posted to way too many lists, ports@ would probably
have been the most appropriate as this has nothing to do with FreeBSD

> All threads purged from ugen1.1
> All threads purged from ugen1.2
> All threads purged from ugen1.3

Harmless, as far as I know.

> What is this about "threads purged"? Also, the port want
> while 6.2-STABLE has I have tried 1) linking .8 to .6 and
> also copied .6 from another system (also, 6.2-STABLE) to the current
> one. Didnt work both way. Same behavior, exactly.

This is because of a gettext library bump, I just found out about it
(although it happened in march), and I have know good solution to it.
Installing an old version of gettext should of course work, but that's

> On 7.0-CURRENT things are worse. libpthread is not found, and the same
> command core dumps. Anyway, 6.2-STABLE is more important to me right
> now, since I need this device to work on FreeBSD for an ongoing project,
> but if a solution to 7.0 happens first my work can move to that version.

This is life with binary only, closed source applications. Things might
have been slightly better if this was statically linked but
unfortunately that's not the case.
misc/compat6x should hopefully cover the threading though.

When I get some spare time, I'll try to ping my contact at UPEK,
but last time I heard from them they were developing a new version
but nothing have been released yet, so things aren't looking good.

If nothing works out, I'm afraid this port have seen its last days.

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