On 6/20/07, Julian Elischer wrote:
> Nicolas Cormier wrote:
> > On 6/20/07, John Polstra wrote:
> >> Using ng_ksocket is almost the same as using the so* functions, since
> >> the ksocket methods call the so* functions. But by using netgraph, you
> >> get a nice management interface, too.
> >>
> >> For my application, I found that going through the socket layer (the so*
> >> functions and/or ng_ksocket) hurt performance too much. That's why I
> >> ended up bypassing them.

> >
> > Thanks for this precision.

> I would actually like to address the performance issues.
> is there any chance the oldest version (4.x based) might be released,
> or at least it would be nice to get the code snippet that attaches to eh ng_ksocket and
> reads and writes the stream..
> I could make a TCP ECHO node that way and use it for tracking down the bottlenecks
> I'm not too interested in the actual webserver itself.

he can take a look at bluetooth rfcomm sockets that are implemented on
top of l2cap socket and feed into netgraph not exactly an in-kernel
tcp server, but might give some ideas.

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