I'm porting PAPI to FreeBSD. I was wondering if you could give a try to
the package I'm porting. It would be great to have more feedback than just
that my laptop is able to provide me

First of all, you can download the code at


Next, see man hwpmc(4) and compile a kernel with
device hwpmc

(you'll require device apic if you're running on i386 machines).

When you boot your dmesg should print something like
hwpmc: TSC/1/0x20 P6/2/0x1fe

Once the machine is up and running, just untar the file you've downloaded,
run ./configure and just run make (not make install).

Could you send me the output of the following commands?

# dmesg | grep hwpmc
# utils/papi_avail
# utils/papi_decode
# utils/papi_native_avail
# ctests/low-level
# ctests/high-level

Thank you very much,
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