What I'm on:
FreeBSD/i386 version 6.1

What I'm doing:
Trying to get PHP to compile against a Linux binary install of the
Informix Client SDK, and I've been running into an issue I cannot

Compile Error:
/usr/local/ifx/lib/esql/checkapi.o -lifglx -lcrypt -liconv -liconv -lm
-lcrypt -lcrypt -o sapi/cgi/php
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ldl
*** Error code 1

What I know:
I know that FreeBSD does not house its dl* functions in libdl, and I'm
well aware of the ability to simple take out any references to -ldl in
the Makefile, but doing so causes even more compile errors (i'll
gladly include them if you like)

What I've tried so far:
* Adding AC_SEARCH_LIBS(dlopen,dl) to the configure.in script and
removing all references to -ldl in the Makefile

I really need help on this. Apparently IBM doesn't have any
BSD-family distributions for its client SDK, and I don't know how to
make these two guys friends. This same setup has (obviously) worked
out very well on the Debian machine it was previously on, but I would
much rather get it working on my FreeBSD server as opposed to going
back to Debian.

Is this possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

- Shane
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