Bakul Shah wrote:
> Sorry if I tuned in late:-)
> I vote for taking *out* -P. It is an ill-designed feature.
> Or if you keep it, also add it to mv, cp -f & ln -f since
> these commands can also unlink a file and once unlinked in
> this matter you can't scrub it. And also fix up the behavior
> for -P when multiple links. And since mv can use rename(2),
> you will have to also dirty up the kernel interface somehow.
> Not to mention even editing such a sensitive file can leave
> stuff all over the disk that a bad guy can get at. If you
> are truely paranoid (as opposed to paranoid only when on
> meds) you know how bad that is!
> If you are that concious about scrubbing why not add
> scrubbing as a mount option (suggested option: -o paranoid)
> then at least it will be handled consistently.

The patches to implement your suggestions didn't make it through on
this message. Please feel free to post them for review and send the
URL to the list.



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