On 10/29/06 22:31, Geoff Mohler wrote:
> Im looking for deep hacks into what I could do to make the 6.x NFS client
> hold a larger (or much larger) file/directory attribute cache.
> In very large make "everything" environments with Fbsd, we are about 1/3rd
> the speed of local disk coming from a very large Netapp box.
> The same make from a heavily patched/modified Linux NFS client is miles
> faster than local disk.
> I have no insight to the Linux modifications, but looking at the nfsstats,
> attribute calls are the bulk of the traffic to the NFS mounted file
> system.
> Any and all ideas are OK..maybe something simple I overlooked.
> I need to reserve another build server early this week, and go over my
> options again on whats not been working, and get the list numbers as well.
> Thanks in advance.

See Bruce Evans very recent work on this on freebsd-fs@ mailing list.


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