Andris wrote:

>>Andris wrote:
>>>I'm having Asus A7V880 motherboard (AthlonXp, KT880, VT8237) and can't get to work any thermal viewing and control program. I've tried mbmon, healtd, consolehm etc. Some don't work at all (NO HW SENSOR AVAILABLE or simmilar message) or showing constant temperature 255C.

Are you sure mbmon or healthd won't work? Forget smbus just try to
access the status chip directly. e.g. mbmon -p winbond -c 1 or healthd
-c 1. I have two (different from yours) ASUS motherboards with VIA
chipsets and healthd works on both and mbmon only on the newer one, but
neither needs smbus (and I never managed to get them to work that way
when I tried briefly).


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