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hi. this is a port for xulrunner- i've labeled the directory
"-DUBIOUS" because:

a) i created the tar file by doing a CVS checkout (see
NOTES-xulrunner-DUBIOUS- for some details on this, and on where the
bits and pieces came from and why and how they were modified); and

b) this is the first time i've tried doing a port (though mostly the previous
one was a template).

let me know if i can help in any way.

Greg Minshall
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notes converting from to

3. okay, xulrunner/files/* came from seamonkey/files/*. all files
in former match corresponding file in latter (there are some
extra files in latter).

4. so, use the current port for seamonkey to get xulrunner/files/*.

5. except patch-configure fails. turns out this is a relatively new
version 1.4 ("update to 1.1.3") , and version 1.3 ("update to
1.1") does succeed, so we'll use that.

6. add "--enable-system-cairo" to MOZ_OPTIONS in Makefile (on
existing line).

7. the tar file has all sort of CVS files; the extract seems to leave
out most (all?) of these, but does leave the CVS subdirectories
all the place.

8. the tar file was created by doing a cvs checkout into a new
directory, then the mozilla gmake that pulls down the actual
sources, then a tar:
180 14:05 cvs -d co -r
181 14:05 cvs -d co -r
FIREFOX_2_0_0_3_RELEASE mozilla/
182 14:05 cd mozilla/
185 14:06 gmake -f checkout MOZ_CO_PROJECT=xulrunner
187 14:23 cd ..
189 14:24 tar cf xulrunner-DUBIOUS- mozilla/
193 14:26 bzip2 xulrunner-DUBIOUS-
XXX (which looks dubious to me -- i should do this at least one more
XXX time, scripted.)

9. files/patch-sysnss uses an idiom %%LOCALBASE%% (modifying
security/manager/ssl/src/ changed the patch to use
$(LOCALBASE). (somehow, in the newer seamonkey port,
"%%LOCALBASE%%" in is converted to "/usr/local"
in Makefile.)

10. port upgrading my system to nss 3.11.1. how to specify that
dependency? (includes hacks to portupgrade version of
security/nss 3.11.1 to get it to compile and install correctly.)

13. xulrunner script (install in bindir) evaluates arguments with
expr(1), but if argument starts with "-", expr treats it as an
(unknown) argument. so, modify (which is source of
xulrunner script) to invoke "expr --" (so expr stops looking for
options). thus files/

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